Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hawaii: Part ekolu (3)

Wrapping up our week... (Part 1 here and Part 2 here
Friday: We rented snorkeling gear. The woman at the shop recommended a beach that had great coral and fish. We packed lunch and headed to 49 Black Sand Beach. It was in Mauna Lani Resort, but was public. It wasn't crowded at all and the snorkeling was awesome! I wish I had an underwater camera for pictures of what we saw! There was a trail that led to some of the homes and it was neat seeing the luxury. 

49 Black Sand Beach

Afterwards, we headed to Lava Lava (a public beach/restaurant/rental units) for an afternoon snack

Tuna appetizer- how much tuna can we eat in one week??

Friday night was our big date night. 

We ate at Merriman's in Waimea and this was seriously THE BEST meal I've ever had. I had mahi mahi in ponzu sauce, black rice, and broccolini along with a nice pinot. We followed this with bread pudding and Hamakua Hawaiian Cloud Forest coffee
Saturday: This was our last day. :( We spent the morning cleaning the condo and packing and I went for a run. We had our snorkeling gear for 24 hours so we decided to go back to Lava Lava and hang out. We snorkeled, lounged, and ate lunch. 
The snorkeling here was pretty good. We did come face to face with sea turtles underwater, which was a little scary! 
Like my Valentine's toes? The sand here was black and tan- we thought it looked like bird seed. 

Love this!! Paddleboarding with her dog

4 sea turtles

It's too far off, but this is about the best shot we got of a whale

Saturday afternoon, we drove to downtown Kona to check it out. I honestly wasn't that impressed. It was very touristy and kind of junky. Our flight wasn't until 9:50 that night, so we just killed time. I was half sad and half ready to get home and see the kids.

This trip was wonderful in every way. I think it's important for parents to get away. Adelyn and James did great at home, staying half the week with Seth's parents and half the week with mine (at our house). We can't say thank you enough to them for taking such great care of them while we were gone. And I can't say thank you enough to Seth either for arranging this trip for us! 

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