Tuesday, February 26, 2013

20 months old (2/22)

 James is talking more and more each day. He wants to speak in sentences, so it will often sound like, "ahgy ghoug goud TRACTOR" or "boudyg guydh gydw RIDE???".  Everything kind of ends with his voice going up towards the end, making him sound a bit British in my opinion. He is all about Adelyn. He has to know where she is at any given point in time and he says her name 24,569 times per day. "Adda!"...and he kind of rolls the "d", like he's speaking Spanish. He's very cultural.
He still is a great little sleeper. I am trying to get him to drop that blasted morning nap, but he is so cranky or he'll fall asleep in the car before lunch and mess up the vital afternoon nap (when Adelyn is also asleep!). He takes a great 2-3 hour afternoon nap and goes to bed around 7:30/8:00 and sleeps until 6:30/7 a.m.
James enjoys playing with blocks. He uses large lego-like blocks and build things or can make some serious towers with solid cubes. He loves to figure things out- I love to watch him study. James loves to be chased or chase you and he giggles the entire time- SUCH a cute giggle! I love this little man! :)

I went to my parents and Adelyn got to go my mom's school one Friday. My mom teaches at a Montessori school. Adelyn was very excited to have Nana as her teacher. 

Adelyn in Practical Life

We've had several beautiful winter days. One day the kids even got ice pops, since James fell and busted his lip. 
We have several pecan trees in our front yard. Adelyn loves to shell them and eat them. Unfortunately, she didn't get all of the bitter part out. 

He's not ALL boy

James plays with his "choo choo" table everyday

My pretty ballerina- one day we played with her hair and made this princess bun (oh, and added some lip gloss!)

Daddy is always fun!

Seth and I took Adelyn to the Big Apple Circus. It's a smaller (not for profit) circus company that came to Alpharetta! It was a really neat show and we all enjoyed it! We went on a rainy school night, so it wasn't too crowded. They moved all the spectators to the front rows- we got awesome seats!
Watching the beloved John Deere tractor video on the iPad

 One Friday, I had several errands to run while Adelyn was at school. Rather than take care of my things, I had a morning date with James. We went to Starbucks (and he had a blueberry muffin from Donut Depot while I had a latte)

And then we met my friend and her 2 boys at Catch Air. It was so fun to spend one on one time with my favorite little boy
I added a kids' table in the kitchen. Adelyn eats every meal here and James gets to eat here occasionally (he gets up too much!). He thinks he's big stuff when he gets to dine with Adda!

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