Thursday, March 21, 2013

21 months (and a ton of pictures)

Happy Spring! James will be 21 months tomorrow, but has rapidly entered the Terrible Twos! He tests us to no end. I love him to pieces, but this has been a month of new, not-so-fun behaviors. We will survive...

Adelyn on the other hand, has exhibited more mature behaviors, so that's been a blessing. She is on a counting kick and wants to count to 100 all the time. Her reading and writing are improving. She is planning her May birthday party daily (and has been for a couple months now). 

Below are a bazillion pictures of memories this month has brought. 

Adelyn has been DYING to have a friend spend the night. Mae Mae and Adelyn had fun playing dress up (James is just happy to be included), eating hot dogs, and watching Happy Feet with popcorn and ice cream. Sweet girls!

Seth had a race in Austin, TX. Circuit of Americas is an awesome, brand new track! Fans can ride an elevator  up to the top of this tower and view the entire track. It has a glass wall and 1/3 of the floor in glass too. Of course, I didn't have my camera when we went up! The kids made me nervous up there!

We ate dinner 2 nights at Matt's Famous El Rancho. It was seriously some of the best Mexican I've ever had (especially the chile rellanos!). Clearly, James enjoyed the queso. 
Watching Seth qualify
Adelyn and Eli climbing the fence- I was pretty proud of her for doing this! She normally does not do things like this. 
We went to this awesome park and let the kids play. Thomas, Eli, and Adelyn had a blast!
Cool old firetruck
They had a train ride that took us all over the park (and gave us pretty views of downtown)
Grandma, Grandpa, and James on the train. I would never survive 3 days at a track with kids without them!
Rob was nice enough to give the kids a little motorcycle ride. 

We had dinner at Ironworks Barbecue. Sweet Henry fell asleep on the ride there. Beth was able to keep him asleep until the next morning. The track will wear the kids out!

During the race, the kids rolled down this hill over and over again

Post race....Seth and Dan started in 29th and finished 10th! They are currently THIRD in points- woo hoo!!

Play hard, sleep hard. Here's my sweet boy sacked out with his lovey as a pillow
James loves Nutella!

Jonquils pop up every year in the pasture by our house. Adelyn loves to pick and arrange flowers.
My friend Amy and I took our girls to see Mickey Mouse Live in Birmingham! It was a cute show, filled with lots of Disney characters
James is doing surprisingly well with Practical Life lessons. Hopefully this will build his concentration and strengthen his pincer grip (and buy me 10-20 minutes, which is how long he did this!)

Adelyn's school had Daddy Night. She was so excited! They did lots of crafts and read books in a tent. I love this questionnaire! She painted a picture of him too- he has brown hair. 
Baking cake pops
GORGEOUS afternoon! They could spend hours in the sandbox. I think we're ready for a beach trip! 
We had friends over for dinner. Cullen and Adelyn are enjoying the dessert that Kyla made. Adelyn wanted to make sure there were flowers on the table for them. First date?? 

On St Patricks Day, a leprechaun dyed our yogurt, eggs, and milk green!
Family picture before church on St. Patricks Day
I helped host a shower for my friend Amelia. Here she is (with her mom) at 32 weeks. Ironically, she had her baby 2 days later (emergency c-section). Please keep her and the baby in your prayers. Mama and baby are doing well! :)
College of Charleston KD reunion! A band was playing as we left the restaurant and all the kids started dancing to the tune of "Gin and Juice". The crowd was cracking up!

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