Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Week/Girls' Trip

I have some really great friends from college. For several years now we've tried to take an annual girls trip, which has been named SFGG (Super Fabulous Girls Getaway). This year, we went to Fashion Week in Charleston. SIX of us were able to getaway. Returing to our college town together was a real treat! We come from all over and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. This is a much needed time to escape and enjoy! 
Friday night dinner at FIG
L-R: Amy
(due in June with #3, lives in Birmingham), Melissa (from Monterrey, CA), Heather (known her since 7th grade, lives in Atlanta), Laura (Spartanburg, SC), Cory (Charleston), Kate (lives in Charleston and has a 2 week old- so glad she came out!), Randy (Middletown, DE), and moi
After dinner, we went to Henry's. We wanted some music and were tired of sitting from our 2 hour meal. Of course, at 8:30 no bands have started. The night was young....and we are not! However, upstairs there was a sorority semi-formal. We snuck in as "alumni" and danced in the corner, appalled at how these girls dance and dress! We all decided to NEVER let our daughters attend college. :)
Saturday morning, Laura, Randy and I went for a jog around town. I ran for 35 minutes! Go me! That's the longest I've done.  Then we went to the Bridal Show. This is the only Fashion Week event we attended. Next year, we are definitely returning for more! It was so fun! And Laura's sister-in-law (and one of my sorority sisters) was a model, so it was neat to see someone we knew! The event was cool- free appetizers, mimosas, bloody marys, make up application, and goodie bags! Afterwards we ate lunch at Amen Street and shopped around downtown.
Saturday night dinner at Trattoria Luca 
There was a cute, tiny bar across the street so we hung out there afterwards 
Thank you, Amy, for confiscating all the cell phones

We went back to the hotel afterwards and played Cards Against Humanity. If I explain it, it won't sound fun. But it is the most hilarious game ever! I'm talking my sides were sore the next morning from laughing so much!

Sunday morning was rainy, rainy, rainy and downtown completely flooded. We ate brunch/lunch at Virgina's. My friend Stacy (who lives in Charleston) also joined us. I am so glad I got to spend so much time with my favorite girls! And thank you to Seth (and his parents, who majorly chipped in) for keeping the kids! 


Jennifer Kuhn said...

Cards against humanity is so much fun! We played it New Year's Eve and we were cracking up too!

Resa said...

Next time we go on vacation, we're all playing! When you describe it to people it sounds so dumb! I've already ordered myself one!