Monday, February 18, 2013

Part Elua (two)- Beach and a Hike

I know this is a very detailed account of our trip, but I want to remember everything we did! And I had time to kill at the LA airport on our way home. :)

Part 1 is here 

Wednesday: I went for my little run. I am on week 4 of the Couch to 5K program. Can I just say that I would be such a motivated runner if I lived in Hawaii? There's so much to see that you don't even realize you're running. Seth met me afterwards and we went to a small farmer's market in Waikoloa. Next we went to a swanky resort called Mauna Kea. We kind of snuck in and it was worth it!

Poke tuna wraps and local beer at the resort
THIS is the beach we hung out on. I miss it even more now that I'm seeing this picture

That evening, we went to the Hilton to watch the sunset. Would you like  to go to your room via train? 

Or boat? 
Hawaiian drinks while watching the sunset and whales. Side note, they were filming Duck Dynasty at this time. I've never seen the show, but a bearded man was getting a massage overlooking the ocean. Be on the lookout for that episode.

We came home and cooked our fresh tuna, served with rice, snow peas, and a salad. It was delicious!
Thursday (Valentine's Day): We started a hike that was supposed to be 30-45 minutes. We read in a travel book that said you could hike further (like, see the second ridge/mountain....on the OTHER side of that). This is the Pololu Trail near Hawi (northern part of island). 

How did this bench get on top of the mountain?? 

Gorgeous views!

We ventured a little further to and the trail was blocked off (appears that it used to zig zag down the mountain). The "new" route is a rope straight down the mountain. I was very apprehensive about this (Who put this rope here? Where does it go? We have no cell reception, what if something happens?), but we continued on. 
Seth said I look like a Navy Seal, and I agree. Ha!
Once we made it down, we walked through this bamboo forest

We made it down to the valley. It was breathtaking!
Then we had to climb back up the rope. Going up was actually easier than going down. 
This was the craziest, most fun hike I've ever done. I felt a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Then we got a yummy, tropical, much-needed smoothie in Hawi. 
That night, we ate at Charley's Thai Cuisine. Seth will probably never be able to top this Valentine's Day. :)

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