Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happenings over the last month

We are loving our non-schedule! Everyday is different, and it's actually nice. I am tutoring a lot, so that's been great! :) James will be TWO in a week. 
On a sad note, we had to put our 13 year old Sheltie down. Riley's kidneys and heart just couldn't keep up. He was a great dog and it's really weird not having a pet anymore. He's buried next to his sister in the pasture and I'm sure he and Peri are reunited in doggie-Heaven. 

Just a glimpse at how awesome our dogs were....this is at a party long ago at my apartment in Brookhaven (Seth and I weren't even married yet). Dogs are playing poker and clearly, Peri's game isn't going so well. 
Here's Seth with his fur babies on our wedding day. His aunt Martha bought them a lace collar and bow tie (not pictured). Such good memories!

Sometimes, we go for rides in the convertible (just on our street). James loves it, so when he's cranky it's a way to get him settled. We're selling it soon, so have to get them in while we can! :(
Stawberry Pickin' at Warbington Farms with the Shirley kids

Jackie and Maddie

James LOVED the strawberries! (as you can tell...juice is dripping down his arm)

We enjoyed eating strawberries at every meal for the next week. Adelyn was really good at picking them. She filled up over half the bucket!
I helped with the 4/5 class at Vacation Bible School. When I signed up, it didn't click that Adelyn would be 4 by then. It was fine that we were together. Actually, I loved watching her! She is still totally into the VBS songs and we listen to them all the time. She practically has the whole CD memorized. This was a sweet, funny group of kids and I really enjoyed watching them learn all about Jesus! She had 4 of her friends that she's known for a while in class with her and these girls were precious together. 

James finally started Mom 'n Tots gymnastics. Mrs. Trish has been Adelyn's gymnastics teacher since she was 18 months old. She's awesome! I spend the majority of class chasing James around. He likes pony kicks and the balance beam. 

Emily and Adelyn doing karaoke

Who knew Lite Brite would occupy this foursome for so long??

Adelyn has been working hard to save money for Saige, the 2013 American Girl Doll. She's had a piggy bank since she was 2. We counted the money and she had $30 in change plus another $30 from birthday money. I told her we'd pay half, so she had more than enough for this doll. Here she is with her pocketbook FULL of change. We paid with a credit card, but it was SO cute when she thought she was really paying for it herself. It was a proud moment.  

I've never been on board with buying such an expensive doll for a 4 year old. BUT, Adelyn has proven that she really wants one by earning this money. I have to say, the experience of watching her get extremely excited by going to this store and picking the doll out was 100% worth every penny. 

Now we're reading the Saige book (a lot is over her head, but oh well!). Saige and Kate (her Dolly and Me doll from Christmas) are a major part of her little life at this point in time! So cute.
Seth's latest race was Mid Ohio. It was chilly the first day we were there, so we took the kids to the Carousel Park. There's a gigantic carousel in downtown Mansfield. At first James just clung to Grandma but by the end (they rode it 700 times), he loved it!
Adelyn wanted to ride all by herself the last time. She chose her animal, got on and off all by herself, and rode! She was funny waving each time she went by.

Afterwards, we went to Little Buckeyes, the best children's museum I've ever been to. Seriously. So if you ever find yourself in Mansfield, OH....GO! We will definitely return next year. They even had a John Deere kids' tractor. Score!

Race Day! Someone gave them a moon pie and they were begging for it. Fine, they can eat it at 10:15 a.m. 

James slept in Grandma's lap the bulk of the race. Seth and Dan finished 12th.  
Of course, I have to say Happy Father's Day to my own wonderful father! I love you, Deddy! 

This apple tree was purchased on Seth's first Father's Day and we take a picture in front of it each year

Happy Father's Day to Seth! Adelyn and James are lucky to have a God loving, fun, and smart daddy. Seth gets pulled in a million and one different directions with his full time job, racing, and coaching. He is able to put family first, provides for us, and allows me to stay home with them during these important years. He's a great dad, and he learned from the best. His dad is wonderful.

Check out my girl jumping of the slide and swimming on Father's Day! I just wish James liked the pool. We start swim lessons tomorrow...I have a feeling it's not gonna go so well. 

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