Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

Happy SECOND birthday, James Mahlon Thomas! He's growing up waaaaaaay too fast! He gives great hugs, is silly, thinks and talks about vehicles 100% of the time, and has that infamous red-headed temper (or is that just his age?).

James is a thinker. He studies things and learns how they work. I think he'll be a very smart boy (like every mother thinks of their child). He's like his Daddy. 
And speaking of thinking, when he's concentrating his tongue goes out (again, just like his daddy!). 

I know I've mentioned once or 5,000 times that he loves tractors. Here we are at one of those steak houses that you throw your peanuts on the floor. Not James....they're for scooping the shells up with a backhoe ("dackhoe") and a tractor ("trac-TORE")
James is so tired by noon, he often falls asleep while eating lunch. This is mid-sip. Poor little guy!

He loves his food! He's always hungry a few hours before meal time. He dragged a chair across the kitchen, stood on it to get the chips off the shelf, and then parked his hiney in the chair and dug in. Can't blame him....I love me some baked Cheetos too. 

I think it's the cutest thing when little boys lay down and play with their trains. (this is in church nursery)

James prefers to eat RIGHT when he wakes up. So, when we were at a hotel, I was the mom in my pjs in the breakfast room getting milk and whatever else to bring back to the room (at 6 am....this child doesn't sleep in). Thomas the Train video, cheese stick, and milk- let's get this party started! 

For his birthday, James got a Black and Decker worktable with all kinds of tools. I got it at a consignment sale for a killer price. It has a leaf blower, chain saw, drill, a bird house making kit, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. 

He also received the John Deere tractor (from Grandma and Grandpa) and Tonka dump truck (from us). These are great for playing with outside! Get those weeds, son! 

We spent his birthday evening at the Jordan's floatin' in the lake and eating a yummy dinner. The kids had a ball! This was James's first time swimming in the lake and he did pretty well. I didn't think he'd put a life jacket on.

Cookie Cake! I had them write it in his favorite color, John Deere Green

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet boy! We love you so much!

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