Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day weekend in Destin, FL

I love any beach, but I have nothing but good things to say about Destin. Being from SC, I really don't have experience with FL beaches. Now, I am head over heels with the soft white sand and turquoise water. We went with the Pombos. Mat and Seth are competitors in Grand Am and Beth and I hang out at the track with the kids. Both our older and younger kids are just days apart. We had a blast spending some off-track time together and I hope we do another trip with them in the future!

We left Friday night and stayed at a hotel in Dothan, AL. It was a  short drive Saturday morning to paradise. 

We couldn't check into our house until 4 pm (why do they always get you with the late check-in and early fair!), so we ate lunch at a beachfront restaurant and then hit the beach. Look how cute James and Henry are! 

Love at first sight....this scenery makes me feel like we were in another country, not just 6 hours from home

Our house! Isn't it fabulous? There was a bedroom for everyone and ample space. It was about 3 blocks off the beach, but there was a shuttle to take you to and fro. 

Henry is almost 2 and already jumps in the pool

We spent all morning poolside. The development had a zero entry pool that the kids loved. Here they are taking an ice pop break. 

We spent the afternoon at the beach. 

Adelyn is my water baby. She runs straight for it and has a blast!

James on the other hand, just wants to "dig dig". He has zero interest in water (pool or ocean). I am hoping that changes as the summer goes on. PLEASE!!!

Eli fishing
Eli karate chopping the waves. "HI-YA!"...I can hear him now!

happy in the sand!

And this would be a duct tape thong on a dude. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

James wanted to sleep in the bed instead of the pack and play. He's never slept in a bed before. We checked on him before we went to sleep and he'd migrated a tad. 

Pure bliss

Seth is fun in the ocean!

Pombo/Thomas First Annual Beach Trip
Monday night we went to Baytowne Wharf for dinner. What a great little area! 
Eli and Henry enjoying their ice cream

My little piggies can't share ice cream

Did I mention how great this trip was? I loved spending precious time with family and friends at my favorite place on earth, the beach!

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