Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Am I the only mom (kinda) not ready for school to start???

Don't get me wrong...I will love the "me" time I'll get when my kids are at school. Getting more things done at home, grocery shopping solo, and going to the doctor without finding a sitter is a major plus. However, I'm not counting down the minutes for my kids to go to school.  This summer has gone by SO fast. TOO fast. It's been weird weather-wise. I feel like we're just getting into the warm weather. Here in Georgia, it's been rainy or downright cold on some days. Plus, we've traveled a lot so we haven't had many the endless, back to back days at home. I just can't believe we're in September already.
These days/week/years go by in the blink of an eye. That statement is so true. My time with Adelyn and James is a blessing, and when they're at school 5 and 3 days (well, until 12:30) per week, it's a lot of missed time with them. I'm turning into a sappy mom. 
There are going to be days that I bypass the school and take my kids on our own adventure on a random school day. :) They start back the day after Labor Day. These past couple of weeks, I've been soaking up either a lazy morning at  home or special trips to fun local places. Before I know it, we'll back on a schedule and these lax days are done. 

Playing Old Maid
Chillin' in Lightning McQueen shades
We met Randy and Bella at  Central Park. Adelyn rode her bike around the track. Afterwards, we played on the playgound.We were at the park for over 2 hours. 

My girl can finally do the monkey bars

Adelyn and Cullen relaxing in the pool 
James in Adelyn's old swimmies

We met some friends from ballet, Randy, and Bella at the Splash Pad. We'd never been and it was so much fun!

James's first movie: Planes! He actually sat through the whole thing (granted, he ate popcorn, goobers, a lollipop, and drank some Icee)

Randy, my girlfriend from college (and we lived together after college in Atlanta), recently moved back to the Atlanta area from Deleware. More precisely, she moved 7 minutes form my house!! It's wonderful to have my best friend just minutes away. James and Bella are 9 days a part. We've done playdates, grilled out at their beautiful new house, and gotten together just us. It's fabulous. How lucky am I? 
Labor Day weekend was spent in town, all four of us! We grilled out with the Guarinos Friday night, hung out at home Saturday, and went to Whitewater in Marietta on Sunday with the Pombos. It rained/thundered off and on, so we really only got to ride 2 or 3 rides. Luckily, they gave us passes to return next season. We'll be back for sure! We spent the night with them and played in their pool, ordered pizza, and all hung out. 
James kept playing peek a boo in the hot tub
Adelyn and Eli playing with water guns on the floats
Movie time: Epic

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