Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is our 3rd year spending our beach vacation at Isle of Palms, SC. In fact, this is our 3rd year in the same condo. We went with my parents and brother. I love going mid-September. It's less expensive, less crowded, and you miss that steamy summer heat. The temperatures were just right! We went September 15th-22nd. 

This is Adelyn wading in ocean about 30 minutes after we arrived!

Adelyn would have gotten this wet anyway, BUT a lady and her dog helped her along. I'm not kidding- this chick was chasing her dog and not paying attention and completely knocked Adelyn down. Luckily, Adelyn didn't seem to mind too much!
I have been telling James for months that he can take his dump truck to the beach. He was so excited to bring it down!

This boy does not mind getting dirty. 
Day 2: 6:45 a.m. James woke up around 5:45. He and Adelyn were sharing a room, so she was up as well. Might as well hit the beach, right?? Side note, James woke up at 6 a.m every.single.morning. I just put his John Deere documentary on to buy 45 minutes more rest time. 
Here is James experiencing the tide pulling the sand beneath his feet away. Priceless facial expressions!

The fam

We ate dinner at Morgan Creek, which has a great marina for the kids to look at. 

Saige joined us for dinner

Big sister teaching James how to jump in the waves

Downtown Charleston Date night! Seth and I had an oyster appetizer at Amen Street, DELICIOUS dinner at Husk, and gelato at waterfront park. We stayed at the Vendue Inn that night. So fun!

The next morning was very breezy with cooler temps, so we took the kids to Patriots Point to tour the Yorktown (an aircraft carrier)

Getting briefed on our next mission 
My sweeties

I got a kick out of the food prep in the kitchen- feeding 3,500 people a'int easy. 

On top of the aircraft carrier

Protecting those baby blues
Seth, kids, and I met Cory (plus Nick and Lucy) and Stacy for dinner one night at Red's at Shem Creek. So good to see my old roommates from sophomore year of college!

This is the first half of our fabulous be continued!

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