Thursday, October 3, 2013


Our beach trip continued (see first part here)....Seth had to fly to California on Thursday to do a Maclaren event. We were sad that he missed the last part of the trip. These days were PERFECT beach days, weather wise. 

James peeing outside at the rinse off station. Sorry, had to document. 

Blowing bubbles in the sand hole. 

My old roommate Kate joined us at the beach and brought her two precious girls, This is Mary (6 months old) performing her tongue trick. 

Adelyn is helping Kate give Mary a bottle

I met another old roommate, Heather for dinner one night. Heather got engaged the night before! I was so glad I was in town and got to hear the news first hand. I am very excited for her and Chip!

Adelyn was master of the boogie board! She was out deep with 8 year olds riding the waves in (closely supervised, of course)

Uncle Joe ready to hit the beach

My dad assuming his beach position

As you can see, James was ALL about the sand, and not so much the ocean. 

On Saturday morning, my mom and I took the kids to the Charleston Farmers Market. Adelyn is tasting some local honey. 

My mom with the kids. We thought this tree was cool.

Making wishes! 

At the Farmers Market, they had an area called a Musical Petting Zoo. Adelyn tried out a violin and cello. She loves music!
Saturday night was our last night. We all went to dinner at The Boathouse. I snapped some pictures beforehand. James always does whatever Adelyn does!

Uncle Joe with us. He was a tremendous help with the kids, especially while Seth was gone. He took the kids for ice cream one night, took Adelyn out in the waves, and taught them about poppers (which Adelyn loved). 

Sunday morning= departure day. Luckily, it was cloudy and drizzling! That makes it a tad easier. We did a no-no and fed the birds popcorn on the beach. The kids thought that was fun. Bye, bye ocean....see you next summer!

Ugh, a 5 hour drive by myself with these two! They were NOT FUN for the first half of the trip. They were whining/crying....I was so fed up that I told them I'd buy them a Frosty if they'd stop whining. So here we are at Wendy's. 

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