Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Fun!

On Wednesday, I met James and his class at the school's pumpkin patch. He basically just threw the pumpkins. :) He did smile and let me take the cute picture of him. 

This past Friday, we took the kids to the Fair with Seth's parents. We got there around 4 so there wasn't a huge crowd. We stayed for about 3 hours. Adelyn would ride anything she was tall enough for! The Superman ride was her favorite. 
Mini Roller Coaster

Bigger roller coaster- notice it's just her and another girl up front

James and Adelyn on the helicopters

Daddy and Adelyn on the Ferris Wheel

Daddy and Adelyn on the ride what whips you round and round

Nose picker on the boats. He was adorable on this ride! The boats went up and down and he would over exaggerate his head and move it up and down as well

Ladies from a local Baptist church did free face painting. At the end she put a heart and a cross on Adelyn's hand.

On Saturday morning we went to our 6 year old nephew's last football game. So cute! Then we headed to Kinsey Farms for our annual pumpkin patch visit

Fence climbers

Pumpkin Head and Big Sister

Adelyn loved this worty pumpkin. It came home with us.

A tractor pulled hay ride (you know James was in heaven). It takes you to a pond where you feed some big ole catfish.
After the pumpkin patch, we went to a 6 year old's super hero birthday party and then a 70 year old adult birthday party that night! Seth actually took Adelyn back for more Fair fun on Sunday. This time she said the swings were her favorite. I just love a family weekend!

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