Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fun with Nana and Grandeddy

My mom came in town two weekends in a row! Seth was out of town both times (a MacLaren event and a lumber convention in Vegas), so it was a huge help having her around! One weekend she came, it was just her, the kids, and me. The next weekend my dad joined her because it was Grandparents' Day at the preschool. Both visits were wonderful!

The first weekend, schools had a little fall break and the kids were out Friday Oct. 18th. We headed down to Stone Mountain for the day! The kids had fun at the Pumpkin Festival!

They had pumpkins dressed up all sorts of ways! These are the hikers that Adelyn loved
James is getting so good at the ropes course! Just a few months back we were here and he wasn't doing half this good!

Adelyn is an old pro! She is so funny on the zip line.

I have only hiked Stone Mountain once, right after I graduated from it's been a while! We took the cable car to the top. It was pretty cool!

Riding to the top

We made it! It's cool to see downtown Atlanta in the background. If I could repeat this day, I would. The weather was absolutely perfect. 

Sometimes they love each other

The next Thursday and Friday were Adelyn and James's Grandparents Day. My parents stayed until Saturday. One day after naps, we went to Uncle Shuck's. They have giant tractor wheels to climb, a huge corn maze, a small maze for little ones, tractor rides, corn cob shooting, and pumpkins!

Shocker....James LOVED the giant tractor wheels!

The little maze was made out of soy bean plants

Adelyn attempted the cob shooter. Her aim was not too bad and she hit the truck a couple times

Uncle Shuck's Redneck Lounge

My kids are BLESSED with awesome grandparents! Seth's parents come see the kids several times a week and Brenda keeps them while I tutor. We are so thankful for the love!

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