Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had an awesome Halloween week! This year, Adelyn was a Fairytale Witch and James was a ghost, Spiderman, and Batman. I started out wanting them to match- ghost and witch. The ghost costume was a bust- he tripped the whole time and was frustrated with the lack of arm control. From there, it was JUST put him in WHATEVER he'll wear (he's not very into dressing up!). 

It's become an annual tradition that we eat at Lynn and Ricky's around this time of year. Lynn goes nuts with her Halloween decorations! The cousins all wore their costumes. 
Conner is the FedEx guy- HILARIOUS!! 

Crazy kids!

We decorated our pumpkin. Adelyn enjoyed it

James....not so much.
I didn't take a picture of the Jack O Lantern- it was your boring triangle eyes, nose, and toothy grin. 

Dean and James were both Spiderman at Oak Grove's Trunk or Treat. Love their thrilled faces
OG Kids! James loved the BIG tractor pulled trailer ride!

Trick or Treating from Pastor Garry

They had face painting. I tried so hard to get Adelyn to choose a something small for her cheek. That wasn't happening. 
The kids had their school parties on Wednesday and Thursday (Adelyn's was actually on Halloween)
James dressed up as Batman for his party day

James with his sweet teachers, Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Greta

On Halloween morning, I *attempted* pumpkin pancakes. They were actually healthy- I snuck in some leftover acorn squash

I was on the committee for Adelyn's class party. I thought the gal in charge chose great, semi-healthy snacks- nuggets, string "ghost" cheese,  "pumpkin" mandarin oranges, mummy pops, and mummy juice boxes. Seth and I did the oranges and juice boxes. We wrapped the boxes in muslin and hot glued the googly eyes. I kinda felt a little nuts doing that, but the kids loved their spooky snack!

Adelyn with her sweet teachers, Mrs. Gail and Mrs. Nancy

We've started ballet again. The first class was Halloween afternoon, so Mrs. Sandy said they could come in costume!

We ate Halloween night dinner at the McDonough's. We trick or treated with them last year too. I love her kids' Dracula and Mummy costumes!

The weather was very comfortable. I was actually warm by the night's end. All that walking around!  
Bryce and James rode a little and walked a little

They live in a large neighborhood and it was a party! There were people everywhere! Cullen and Adelyn were full force ahead. It was so much fun! Much more happening here than on Fast Lane with it's 10 residents :)

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