Sunday, November 17, 2013

Highlands, NC

We went to Highlands the first weekend in November. We haven't spent time with the Myers family in quite some time! 
We arrived early evening on Friday. We ordered a pizza and hung out on Main Street while we waited for it. The kids were WILD, running all over the steps and walls. They were a tad excited to spend the weekend away.

Saturday morning, Laura fixed a big breakfast and then we headed out to hike The Holcomb Creek Trail. It led us to see 2 beautiful waterfalls! We hit the leaf changing just right- it couldn't have been prettier. The kids did an awesome job hiking- hardly any complaining. I carried James in the backpack.

Adelyn and Janie are just a few weeks apart. They played so well together all weekend. They colored, played games, and pretended different scenarios. I hope they're always as good as friends as their mamas!

Mel and Laura

Laura and I- she looks great; I scream "I have not showered"

James in awe of the waterfall. Kidding....James eagerly awaiting a potato chip

He's pretty proud that he just crawled through the girls' legs. 

Seth with his godson. Jay is the sweetest, most well-mannered kid. He was amazing with James! I begged Laura to let me take him home with me. 

Gorgeous foliage!

After the hike, we headed home and the kids napped. Laura and I hit Main Street for a little shopping. We grilled out steaks that night. The Myers left Sunday and we stayed until Monday. I take advantage of the fact that the kids are in preschool and it's not the end of the world if they miss school. We ate leftovers Sunday night, played some games, and did odds and ends around the house. We had such a fun and relaxing long weekend!

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