Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Cheer

A little peak into what we've been doing this Christmas season....

Sunday, December 1st
I sent Adelyn to check the mail. Oh look, it's a package for Adelyn and James (on a Sunday, but she doesn't know mail doesn't come that day)

James is reading the letter and Adelyn finds Roseanne, our elf! Yes, she touched her for a second. Roseanne has been fun for the kids to find her each morning. She doesn't do anything too wild (and definitely not too messy)
That night, we decorated our tree. The kids liked standing on the stool the best. 

We have lots of special ornaments. This one is Seth's grandfather, who James is named after, in his red truck. James visits the tree several times each day to look at his favorite ornaments. He likes this one, a Batman, Santa with a racetrack, and his John Deere tractor that his sweet teacher gave him.  
Ornaments make great earbobs!

She was something special putting that angel on the top!

On December 7th, I ran the Jingle Jog 5K with my friend Neel. This is our 3rd 5k that we've done together. Neel is really fast- she ran it in 25 minutes. I ran it in 32 minutes. It was a pretty, crisp morning and it was fun to see everyone dressed up in Christmas outfits. 
Adelyn's class decorated gingerbread houses one day. They had bowls of toppings. I helped her ice it and she covered the rest by herself. There's not much room for more candy! I renamed this a GERMbread house, as the kids licked their fingers and then reached for more goodies from the community bowl repeatedly.

Seth was out of town, so my mom came for 5 days. She comes every year around this time so that we can bake Christmas cookies together. I LOVE this tradition! And I love that she's retired this year and is able to come for extended stays!

Both kids love to help  try and lick dough 

We made cookies Saturday and Sunday (sugar and chocolate chip)

On Saturday night, we went to a Live Nativity. The Youth Group did a skit in the church parking lot. It was great! They had a REAL camel, donkey, and goats.
The Two Sweetest Moments in History:
James asking (rather loudly) throughout the skit, "Where's Baby Jesus?".
After the skit, Christmas carols were sung. The kids sat together on a bale of hay. Adelyn snuggled with James and sang Away in a Manger loud and clear, complete with hand motions she learned at school. My mom and I were sitting behind them with huge lumps in our throats. THIS is what it's all about, folks. 
They had hot chocolate and marshmallows for roasting

Sunday night was our church's Christmas play and dinner. The Little Choir wore the jammies. I thought cowboy boots paired perfectly.
 After the play, Santa and Mrs. Claus came. James was the first kid to run up and sit in his lap. It happened so fast I couldn't even grab my good camera. That kid!
 Both kids with Santa
 James and Grandma after his performance
James and Nana at his party. They had a quick book exchange after eating some yummy treats

Adelyn's performance was the following day
Seth and Grandpa came to her party. She also had a book exchange. 

Of course, we've had some adult parties, but I took zero pictures at those. It's all about the kids, right? :) Now the kids are out for 20 days. Yes....20 whole days. 

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Claire Mischker said...

These are the greatest pictures! Looks like y'all had a festive time! Happy holidays to all of you!