Sunday, December 1, 2013


We have so much to be thankful for. We are healthy, have great family and friends, a roof over our head, and a comfortable life. Thank you, Lord for all you have given us. 

Seth, James, and I attended Adelyn's school Thanksgiving program. Adelyn rocked it! She loves to sing and does a great job learning all the songs and hand motions. She was a cute pilgrim!

Mr. James was a little overwhelmed and spent a lot of time either looking behind him at ALL the kids... 

or with this finger up his nose. I've mentioned on here several times that this is how you will often find him. It's kind of his "resting position". 

Somewhat engaged?? Regardless, he's the cutest turkey of the bunch!

Seth had to go out of town, so only I attended this little turkey's performance.

On Thanksgiving Day, we hosted our very first Thanksgiving meal! My grandmother passed away last September.  I miss her so and wish she was still with us. It's so different now. My cousin lives nearby so she came with her family and my aunt and uncle. We also invited Heather and Trevor. It was an awesome meal and I enjoyed having family and friends over. 
Seth picked up our free-range turkey from Ferguson's on Tuesday and started the thawing and brining process. He got up before 5 a.m and grilled it on the Komono Joe. I don't know what all was involved - I do know pumpkin ale was one ingredient in the basting. Whatever he did, it was THE BOMB. There wasn't much left. :( I am proud of my smokin' hot husband! 
I wish you could see this little dance move James does. It's adorable, especially in red mocassins.

Mom and I cooking together!

Slicing up his masterpiece. 

Joseph made some killer deviled eggs!

The food spread- everything was delicious! We all pitched in on the dishes. 

Rylan and Adelyn are both 4 and played great together! 

Adults fixing their plates

Group family shot

It turned out to be a beautiful day and we spent some time playing outside

Seth, me, Heather, and Trevor

Sweet Eliza and Bryna

And then we did the Thanksgiving feasting again that night at Seth's grandfather's house. These cousins loved having their own kid table!

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