Saturday, February 8, 2014

Girls day

Adelyn and I had a "Goils day" Saturday. I needed to spend spend some one on one time with my girl, who is growing up waaaaay to fast. 
It started with a manicure: (obviously she chose whatever she wanted)
Then we went to the American Girl store. She posed with Isabella, the 2014 doll. Sadly, she didn't have enough money to buy her. 
She did have enough money to purchase the carrier (it holds 2 dolls). She was pretty pumped!
From there we did some shopping (Macys, Disney store, Lego store) and had lunch at Chic Fil A. She wanted to trade in her toy for ice cream and went to the counter all by herself. I would've never done that at 4. I'm so glad she's not a shy girl like I was. Ms. Independent!

On the way home we last minute swung into Best Buy and I bought Adelyn her first CD- "Frozen". Probably gonna regret that purchase- hahaha! 

We had a great time together! (Seth took James to Road Atlanta for Daddy/son time)

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