Tuesday, February 4, 2014

iPhone dump update

Nothing major to report...here's what we've been up to these past couple of FREEZING weeks!

School was cancelled one day early January for cold temperatures. James decided he wanted to wear underwear "just like Thomas" (his cousin). So, we wore underwear since we were home. He did not pee in the toilet ONCE. He's really not that interested and it has not come up again. Hoping that by 4th grade we'll be in big boy underwear. 

I took the kids to my parents for MLK weekend. We rode LYNX (Charlotte's transportation system- a train) downtown to The Discovery Place.

Hydrolics lifted this chair at The Discovery Place (children's science museum). It was pretty cool! Adelyn simply pushed the red buttons and up she went!

James had to try it too!

Random bubble bath....with hot chocolate. 

The 2014 racing season has officially begun! We took the kids to Seth's first race in Daytona. The race didn't go so well. Dan, Seth's teammate, got hit at the very beginning and they were out for the rest of the race. And it was ridiculously COLD in Florida! Brrrr.

James fell asleep while I was carrying him at the Fan Walk. I dropped him in the Bimmerworld rig and he slept like this for an hour. Gotta nap where ya can. 

And while James napped, Adelyn occupied herself with Disney dolls. Love these MagiClips. 

James's favorite toy of the month: Play Doh Lumber Yard. Hello, future Thomas Lumber employee

We got snow- a whole 3"! School was O-U-T for 3 1/2 days. James liked it for about 5 minutes and Adelyn could've played in it all day. 

playing with the kids the first day

so fun to slide down our slide!

James seriously just wanted to be in a house. Any house. This one will do. 

It wasn't the sticky kind of snow, so snowballs weren't that great. 

Walking down Fast Lane

Tractors and dump trucks made it a little more tolerable

Lots of hot chocolate in the Thomas house!

Did I mention school was out for 3 1/2 days? We made Magic Mud. Adelyn loved it!

Day 2: Pathetic, pathetic snow man. We tried.

We found a hill at the middle school that was super fun. Here's a video of Adelyn going down

James had a hair appointment. Adelyn decided to bring Kate (in a matching outfit, of course) and her styling chair. Tracy let her use her spray bottle and Adelyn went to work. This was all Adelyn's idea and she was so excited to execute her plan. 

We went to see Frozen (Adelyn and Seth's 2nd time) one night. I snuck us in Wendy's Frosty's. :) 

Since there was NO school for THREE and a HALF DAYS, we made cookies. 

I had noticed for several days that Adelyn's teeth looked different, but it never crossed my mind that they were LOOSE! I felt them Feb. 3rd and immediately called my SIL/dentist panicked. Melissa assured me that it's not uncommon for a 4 year old to have loose teeth. The next day Adelyn had corn on the cob and apples for lunch. Adelyn swallowed the first tooth. She was SO very upset that she didn't have the tooth in hand. Ten minutes later the 2nd one was out (stuck in her apple). I can't believe her bottom teeth are gone!! Over the past couple of weeks, Adelyn has started skipping her naps, signed up for Kindergarten next year, is reading books every day (and really well!!), and now she's lost 2 teeth. Where'd my little girl go?? 

My mom brought the kids back these tooth boxes from Italy. She could not wait to put her tiny tooth in the box. The tooth fairy brought her a silver dollar for each tooth (plus $5 for first and $1 for next), a toothbrush, and some floss. 

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