Thursday, May 15, 2014

Adelyn's 5th birthday

My little girl, who is seeming not-so-little anymore, turned FIVE on Sunday, May 11th.  Happy birthday, sweet Adelyn!

We started off her birthday weekend by celebrating at school on Friday. I brought in cupcakes and Capri-suns. 
 My parents came in town Saturday afternoon and gave her presents from them and my brother

Her party was at 4:15 at Sweet and Sassy (which she calls Sweet Ms. Sassy....better than her friend who accidently called it Sweet and Sexy! Ha, ha!). This is a girly-girls DREAM party. Adelyn chose the princess theme. This allowed all the girls to put on a princess dress, get their hair in an updo, get make up, and get their fingers painted. All of this was followed by a walk down the runway and a dance party.
 Little Ms. getting her fingers painted.
Finished product: princess bun, PINK eye shadow, and entirely too much lipstick. I personally think she looked much prettier before she came. :) I think they just matched the eye shadow to the girls' dresses. Pink eye shadow is not the most flattering choice.
 Here is Princess Adelyn walking down the runway. They asked the girls some questions beforehand and announced the answers. Adelyn said that in her kingdom, people would be required to eat ice cream everyday.
The girls 

The cake (Frozen)
 Let them eat cake!
 Family shot in front of Sweet and Sassy
 Afterwards we ate at Ichiban, a Japanese steakhouse.
Then we came home and she dove into her gifts!
On Sunday morning, her actual birthday, she opened five gifts from Seth and me
The Frozen castle! Funny can't find this thing anywhere. I was able to find one at a Walmart in Charlotte (kinda sorta not really close to where my parents live) in a pretty sketchy part of town. My sweet mom "risked her life" going to get this thing. 
My parents gave Adelyn roller skates! Here she is Sunday afternoon trying them out!

On Sunday night, Seth's parents gave Adelyn a NEW American Girl doll. Now she and Emily both have Marie-Grace. These are two very excited girls!

Adelyn is a good mix of introvert and extrovert. She can be a little shy, but warms up quickly and then is silly, sweet, and loyal. She loves her American Girl dolls, books, and pretending 24/7. She likes to play outside, but not necessarily sports. Her reading is coming along beautifully. Adelyn is a definite rule-follower and dislikes being in any sort of trouble. She has a heart of gold and I am proud that I get to be her mom. Thank you, Lord for this precious  girl!

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