Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This year was a great Mother's Day. What better way to celebrate this day than to have your daughter's birthday ON Mother's Day? And to have your own mother in town for the occasion? 

The preschool celebrated the moms the week before. I was in Adelyn's class on Thursday and James's class on Friday. 
 Adelyn's teachers had us decorate a cute picture frame and then provided a lovely brunch, all made from scratch by her teacher. We ate on crystal plates and were given gifts that I'll always treasure (flower pots painted with their fingerprints). 
James's mothers day was equally sweet. We had a yummy breakfast and got a cute picture holder. 

The past 2 weeks have been straight up crazy with all of the celebrations- Mother's Day, both kids' birthdays celebrated at school, Adelyn's actual birthday, end of year parties at school, PreK graduation, end of outreach church celebration....all in addition to the regular stuff (tutoring, soccer, dance, etc). I know this doesn't go with the whole "Mother's Day" subject. I really just mean to say that May is a busy time of year! I am so glad that we have this much to celebrate and thankful that my kids are healthy enough to enjoy these things. BUT, I am tired! :)

 So....on the actual Mother's Day, it was Adelyn's birthday. My mom and I surprised her with breakfast at the American Girl Doll Bistro. I figured this would be a treat for us all. My mom and I don't have to cook and Adelyn dines at her favorite place. She thought we were going to Waffle House (and was pretty pumped about that). Imagine her face when she saw that red star!
 Saige and Adelyn are both looking especially beautiful. 
 The food was actually pretty good! Adelyn had blueberry pancakes. They even brought Saige a little plate and cup, which Adelyn fed her on. Adorable. 
 TRIED to get a good picture with Adelyn and James. A'int happenin'. 
 So this is what we did instead. 
And how cute is James in that hat??!!

We went to eat at Tam's Tavern with Seth's parents and sister's family. After naps, we ate dinner at Seth's grandfather's. I think any day that involves that much good food is a good day! :) I am thankful for all the females that made this day possible- my mom, Seth's sweet mom, and my sweet daughter (who was born on the day before Mother's Day 5 years ago!). 

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