Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Adelyn

My sweet girl turned SIX on May 11th! We are so proud of this gem. She's thoughtful all on her own, makes good choices, and loves life. She's becoming a strong reader, an awesome swimmer, and a good little organizer. :)

Adelyn has been taking gymnastics this year and wanted to have a gymnastics party. We held her party on May 9th. 

 This is the leotard that her class wore for their end of year program. It's very "Adelyn"- pink and sparkly!

 It was a bit of a chaotic day....Seth was out of town, both kids had their last soccer game AND end of season celebration, and then this party to boot...all by 2:30! But, we pulled it off (and it helped that Seth's mom took James after their soccer game so I could get things together in time). 

 Adelyn got to lead the group in their stretches

 They all had fun with the parachute

 Afterwards, the kids did a series of gymnastics exercises (balance beam, rings, bar, mats, etc)

The foam pit was a favorite for all!

We ended the party with fruit, birthday cake, and gifts from her sweet friends.

 Her actual birthday was on Monday, May 11th. She woke up to pancakes in the shape of a 6. 

 Daddy and James gave her 6 birthday spankings (and one to grow on)

 They celebrated all of the end of year/summer birthdays that day at school. ELEVEN kids had summer birthdays! (out of 21)

 After school, we took her to the American Girl Doll Bistro. They let James borrow a boy doll. At the table, the restaurant has a box of questions you can ask each other while you wait. One question was, "Where will you be in ten years?". I flash forwarded to us in ten years.....at the DMV getting her drivers license. YIKES!

 He wasn't too interested in his doll, as he had these sticky Ninjas to play with. That provided hours of entertainment. 

 Adelyn got 2 of her doll's ears pierced. 

That night, we celebrated her birthday with Seth's family at Rice! She was so glad to have everyone there and she especially loved her sushi and dessert dinner. 

Happy birthday, Adelyn! We love you more than you know. 

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