Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

No big, fancy gifts....just sweet times with my kids this past Mother's Day. 

It started with Adelyn's classroom celebration. They went all out for us! The girls wore hats and gloves (and the boys wore hats). They politely grabbed our hands, seated us, and sang some PRECIOUS songs. Here's my favorite: 

 Mrs. Cochran prepared some delicious food for the mothers and the children served us on trays. 

 Mother's Day is always emotional for me, as Adelyn's birthday is close (she was born the day after Mother's Day). This year was especially rough, as she would be graduating from Kindergarten the following week. I teared up several times during this celebration. 

 James's Mother's Day party was the following day. His class also sang some sweet songs and we had delicious food to enjoy.

 This plate has his fingerprints all over it and he wrote his name. Adelyn had Mrs. Missi when she was 3, so I have her plate too. I need to find a good way to display these!

 On Sunday, I went for a run and then hopped back in bed to be served coffee and muffins on a tray! It was awesome! We snapped some squinty pictures before church. James was killing me with cuteness in the bow tie and suspenders. 

Sometimes, the silly ones are better. :)

After church, we met Seth's family (parents, sister and her family) for lunch at Tam's. We took more pictures outside. The rest of the day was a little yardwork and some relaxation!

I am incredibly blessed to be mom to Adelyn and James. 

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