Friday, May 22, 2015

End of the School Year

My kids have had a great school year! I hope that every year we are blessed with awesome teachers like they've both had this year. James finished up 3 year-old preschool May 13th, and Adelyn wrapped up Kindergarten the following day. 

 James did a cute little program with his class, singing lots of songs. It amazes me how many songs they learn throughout the year!

 Here he his with his little diploma, looking so thrilled. Mrs. Missi (in the background) was also Adelyn's teacher when she was in the 3's. She is the PreK teacher at church Sunday School too, so James will shortly move up to her class. Yay for more time with this special lady!

 Party time! They had a pirate themed party

 He walked the plank, dug for pirate treasure in the sandbox, tossed rings onto pirate hooks, and played a neat coin game. They were also served snow cones and popcorn. This was seriously the best end of year party I've attended. 

 James, the pirate....Aaaaargh!

Adelyn's "Peace Out, Kindergarten!" party was the next day. Adelyn has attended CFUMC since she was 16 months old (Mother's Morning Out all the way through Kindergarten). This school has meant a lot to us, and I am not gonna lie....I was (am) very sad about her time well spent here coming to an end. Completing Kindergarten is kind of her first "big step", but she is well prepared for what lies ahead. 

A parent tie dyed shirts for the entire class. The kids had all kinds of activities to do outside like bubbles, tic tac toe, hula hoops, frisbies, popsicles, etc. 

 And let's not forget sack races!

 They had a photo booth inside

 The entire class took part in a race

 After their snack/lunch, Mrs. Cochran handed out the awards. How proud was I that my daughter received the math award? She has learned SO much and rocked her IOWA tests. I hope that she continues to excel in Math!

 Her graduation program was that evening at 7:00. Here is my little graduate! I had to order her program DVD. The songs they sang really highlighted what all they've learned this year. 

 We are so proud of Adelyn!

Grandma and Grandpa are too!

I can't believe she is SIX and headed to first grade! After graduation, we hit up Dairy Queen for ice cream....along with the rest of the school. It was a fun evening, and I am so proud of both my children for all they learned this year. 

Now....let's celebrate SUMMER! 

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