Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thanksgiving at Folly Beach 2015

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little different this year. We went with my parents and brother to Folly Beach, SC. My family absolutely loves the beach and we wanted to try something new. We stayed at the same condos we stayed in this past summer. The weather was fantastic our entire stay and it ended up being a perfect getaway. We were there Wednesday (11/25) through Saturday (11/28). 

We arrived late Wednesday. My mom had lasagna for everyone and it was a nice quiet evening. We woke up Thursday morning and hit the beach! It was very comfortable outside!
Group effort sand castle

I love her reflection in the water of this picture

Horns up, as always!

 My kids love to dig in the sand. I didn't bring buckets and shovels, but luckily my dear friend Heather lives down the road and loaned us theirs. 
 Mom and I came in a little early to finish up Thanksgiving lunch. We brought most dishes from home. It was a good thing, as this kitchen was not very stocked! We had to use a blender or coffee pot as measuring cups. 
 My dad is carving our yummy turkey
 Adelyn set the table. She wrote everyone's name on tags and put them in pretty place holders that my mom brought from home. We also all wrote down what we're thankful for. 
 Here's the spread! 

My first pecan pie (pecans from trees in our yard!)
 We are ready to dig in!

We spent the rest of the day the way you should on Thanksgiving- a little nap and some more time outside. Seth and I went out that night after the kids went to bed. You can walk everywhere!

 On Friday morning, I went for a short run and then we drove to the Pirate Playground. Isn't this lighthouse cute? 
Heather and her son, Zephyr met us. James and Zephyr are about the same age. 
 We went back to the beach and the kids dug and dug!
 Adelyn was INTENT on digging a water way from the ocean up the castle they built. She would not stop! We were all ready for lunch and my girl refused to leave it. 
 James enjoyed splashing in the water. I love that it this warm! We were finally able to pull Adelyn away from her project and we went to lunch at The Witch Doctor. Seth, my mom, myself and the kids went. It was an awesome lunch! After lunch and naps, we went to the end of Folly, where you can see Morris Lighthouse. 
  There are lots of fun rocks to climb on!
 Love these people!
I love this picture of the driftwood and the lighthouse in the background. This is a truly breathtaking area!

We all ate dinner at Taco Boy (even dined outside!) and then Seth, Joseph and I went to Loggerheads that night. On Saturday morning, we packed up and went to the Farmers Market in downtown Charleston. This was the last market of the season. It was hot! Then, we met my old college roommate, another Heather, for lunch. On our way home from Charleston, we stopped in Spartanburg to see the Myers (and sweet baby Brooks). This was a great weekend filled with family, friends, and beautiful weather to enjoy the scenery. We are truly blessed and thankful!

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