Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thanksgiving school programs

As usual, the kids had great Thanksgiving programs! 

It was a homeschool day for Adelyn on the day of James's program. It didn't make sense to drop him off, go home, and get back for his performance. I packed her books and we went to Starbucks! She loved getting some hot chocolate and getting some work done! 

 Each age level at James's school  wears different costumes to represent Thanksgiving. 
 Pre-K dressed as pilgrims. After they sing, they have a feast (nuggets, green beans, 10:30 a.m)
All four of us got to attend his performance!

Grandma and Grandpa also joined us!

Adelyn's performance was the next day. This was my first time seeing a performance at her school and I was impressed! They did a play and every child had one line. Adelyn was a narrarator. 

 Adelyn having fun afterwards with her friends from class
 Unrelated, but this was the same week....James had an awards ceremony to celebrate him earning a stripe on his belt! He is loving karate!

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