Friday, March 3, 2017

February randomness

February has been a busy month!

My mom came in town for over a week. The kids were SO excited to "beanboozle" her. I think she got rotten egg? 
We have TONS and TONS of pecans in our yard. I have never seen our pecan trees produce so many! We spent lots of time shelling them in front of the tv at night. 
Yummy dinner in the dining room!
Friday February 10th was my birthday. My dad came into town that evening. Seth and I had dinner reservations at Little Alley Steakhouse in Roswell. We spent the night down there and had a great evening with friends!
Our crew (this table is the bulk of our Life Group)
The other side of the table
Blowing out my candles
Saturday night was the Daddy/Daughter dance at Adelyn's school. My parents, James, and I hit up Stars and Strikes for some video games and then dinner at Tam's Tupelo. 
James had a little Valentine's party at school
Unfortunately, Valentine's Day didn't end so well. James had a super crash on his bike. He was racing Thomas (who was running). I have never seen James so confident on his bike. He had finally mastered going downhill and breaking. He was going SO fast! Just as I was shouting out, "James, SLOW DOWN!", he fell..... face first on the concrete. 
We were certain he needed stitches in his chin. I called CHOA and they don't do stitches at the Forsyth campus (seriously?!). The nurse said not to wait until the morning, as they won't do stitches after 8 hours (infection risk).  I didn't want to take him to Urgent Care because it's his face! I want a good doctor doing stitches. So, off to the ER we went. 
Poor guy. 
After 3 nurses looked at his face to determine what to do, they decided to glue his forehead and just put steri-strips on his chin (it was a big cut and stitches would scab over and glue wouldn't hold it). Really? I just went to the ER for band-aids???!!! World's.Most. Expensive.BandAid. EVER.  
Seth stayed home with Adelyn and they prepared a cheese and chocolate fondue dinner. It was a yummy treat!
Our crazy life :) 
On President's Day, we hiked Sawnee Mountain with the cousins
Adelyn had a friend spend the night. The warm February weather made the jonquils bloom early
Cutie pie has had some trouble going to sleep every night. He's talking into the monitor about a birthday present for Seth (in October!)
James is reading so well! Adelyn leaves at 7:20 and James leaves 30 minutes later. We have one on one time to read each morning. 
I had lunch with Adelyn 
James graduated to a new belt. Now he's advanced gold (gold with a black stripe) :) 
Adelyn had a piano recital. She did great! 

Grandma works with Adelyn each week on her piano. 

Let's see what March brings! 

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