Friday, March 3, 2017

Enchanted Evening

Adelyn had her first Daddy Daughter Dance on February 11th. She was so excited! The theme was "Enchanted Evening". 

I gave her a "spa" bath and painted her fingernails
Adelyn really didn't want any make up. I put very light eyeshadow on and lip gloss on her. 
Clearly, she was having none of it. 
I did her hair in a bun
I am not an "up-do" girl... I wear my hair in a ponytail or down every day. 
We shopped online together and ordered several dresses. This is the one she decided to keep
She loved the outer layer!
These two melt my heart!

She really wanted high heels (no make up, but high heels!).
After they ate at Moe's, Seth sent me these pictures from the dance 
Don't you love the sequined purse? 
I think this is the last time Seth saw her. After this, she was on the dance floor the entire time. 
Leah and Adelyn

This was a special night for Seth and Adelyn :) 

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