Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Break: Montana

Rather than experiencing warmer temperatures and summer-like weather at the beach, we headed west to Montana. Whitefish Ski Resort was open for the last week of the season. We went April 1-8. 
As soon as we arrived, the kids headed out to play in the snow. James quickly found his toy rifle and made a bunker to shoot animals. 
Because of the late season, it wasn't freezing. Adelyn refused her coat. 
The next day, Brenda and I hiked down to the river with the kids (notice James's rifle) 
As soon as headed back up, it started snowing! It was the craziest flakes I've ever seen. They looked like dippin' dots or small pieces of styrofoam. 
 Later that afternoon, Seth and I took the kids to the Isaak Walton Inn for hot chocolate. Afterwards, we went downstairs and played foosball and shuffleboard. 

The Isaak Walton has trains you can stay in. We randomly inquired about them and the employee gave us the keys to the deluxe trains. It was so fun to explore all 4 of them! It's crazy that this is inside of a train! Adelyn and James really want to stay in the one pictured above, as you can close the curtain, turn on a little light, and read. There are 4 bunk beds and a queen!
This is a different one, but check out how nice the kitchen is! 

We stayed in a "regular" one 3 years ago (

 Monday was our first day of skiing. Here are the kids with Mr. Jesse. I believe this is our 6th year using him. He's wonderful! James did a two hour private lesson. 

Adelyn did a group ski lesson. The girl to her right was the only other person in her group and she was an 8 year old from Georgia! Perfect :) 

Normally, Seth and I watch the kids ski but this year we took advantage of the 2 hours and had a morning ski date. We had so much fun!
Decisions, decisions... 
Seriously, we about had the slopes to ourselves!
Allow me to introduce you to the hot ham and brie. Jalepenos, maple syrup, ham, and melted brie cheese on toasted ciabatta. I had it the next day too. And then I came home and bought the ingredients and have made it several times since. Best sandwich in the world. 

After lunch we *tried* to ski as a family. James was not ready so he and I stayed on the bunny slope while Adelyn and Seth went up to the summit. James was TIRED. So we hung out in the lodge until they were finished and sweet boy fell asleep. 

Day 2! James did another private lesson and Adelyn did "group" ski school, however she was the only kid! She got one-on-one instruction. 
Seth and I skied again and it was awesome! Love the flamingo tropical tree we spotted from he lift! 

Ginja Ninja about to eat some lunch

Cutie pie eating pizza pie
After lunch, we all 4 skied together. The temps were up in the afternoon and the base felt like skiing in mashed potatoes. I'm glad we skied the beginning of the week! 

Both kids improved SO much (and I did too)! I hate that they're growing up so fast, but it's also fun to enjoy the new things they can do as they get bigger. 

The next day, we literally staying in pjs all day. It was glorious! 
 James napped on Mart Mart
 We decided to do our family picture in pjs. :) 
 James loves to wake up early and watch cartoons with Grandpa

Big ol pile of moose poop!

They're ready for the lunch at Norms News!
We always get bison burgers and huckleberry milkshakes. After lunch, Brenda, Martha, and I went shopping in Whitefish while Seth, Bobby, and the kids went ice skating. 
Family friends stopped by and James fell asleep on Seth's lap. How on earth? There were people talking and this doesn't look comfortable!

Great, relaxing trip to Montana!