Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adelyn's activities lately

Adelyn started Mini-Jazz in January. The class is for 5-7 year olds (she turned 5 in May) but it was the only Thursday dance class around I could find. She has really enjoyed it! I'm not saying she's super- she's definitely the youngest one and it shows. BUT, she loved it! Her performance was at a high school May 31st. This dance company is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the show- watching the youngest kids dance and see the progression all the way up to the Senior Dance Company was really inspiring. Adelyn's dance was to "ABC" (Jackson 5)

 Before the rehearsal
 "Easy as 1,2,3"
 "Shake, shake, shake it, Baby"

 This was their pose at the end
 Daddy brought her a beautiful bouquet
Grandma also came 
I am proud of this girl for getting up in front of a packed auditorium and dancing!

Adelyn also started swim team with a nearby neighborhood. Practice is everyday (8 am). She absolutey loves it, and she has learned so much. We were only going to be on the Minnows team (no swim meets) but during evaluations they said she could do the swim meets. At her first meet she only swam backstroke (which she had just learned the week prior) and she hung on to the rope every other stroke. At her 2nd meet she swam freestyle and backstroke and didn't touch the rope once. We may have bribed her with ice cream for dinner if she didn't touch it. :)

At Thursday morning practice, they mark the kids' arms up with what they're swimming. It's very official looking. 

The kids hang out in the bullpen until their event. The girls spend their wait time drawing on each other with washable marker. 

We have 3 more weeks before the season is over. Go Lightening! 

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