Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy 3rd birthday, James!

James turned 3 on June 22nd and we had an ice cream birthday party Sunday afternoon for him. I can't believe my little boy is three! 
  • James has a sweet little voice (can be a big voice too!) that I really need to record more. I love how he talks. When he does something mischievous, it's almost hard to be mad at him because of what he'll say and how he'll say it. 
  • He is VERY silly. 
  • "Thank you" comes without being prompted. So does "I wooooooob you!". 
  • He gives great hugs, and often gives you a kiss when you ask for a hug, which would melt anyone's heart. 
  • The red hair plays into his personality- he's quite feisty. He's often a tester. For instance, at the pool the other day I asked him not to throw his monster trucks in and he looks at me, grins, and dangles them a centimeter above the water. Just a small example....
  • We have been potty training for a little over a month now. He's got the first part down pat (everyone told me boys would love to go outside). The second part has been a bit trickier and maddening for me. But hopefully we've turned a corner. 
  • James is super duper attentive to details. He remembers street names, people he met once 6 months ago, and just about everything you say (not that he always does it- haha!). I think he's a genius. 
  • This kid still loves tractors....really, anything with wheels. Where did he inherit this from? He is obsessed with the movie Planes, playing with Legos, and anybody's iPad/iPhone. 
We love you, Jamesy-James!

Three years old! He has been so excited about this birthday. His birthday was celebrated in early May at school (since his was after school ended). Kids have no time concept and I got tired of, "NOW is it my birthday ?" so we made a chain. It had 37 links to begin with and we have taken off one each day. When it got down to the last few chains, he was practically doing cartwheels! :)

 3 and 5 years old!

Nana and Grandeddy

 Grandma and Grandpa

 The party started at 3. I didn't want to the kids melting outside (nor did I want them running through my house), so I cleared out the basement and set up some activities to do. They colored ice cream pages. 

 And painted ice cream posters 

It wasn't as hot as I thought it'd be (certainly not cool though!). Kids don't care- they played on the playground too!

 Once everyone arrived, it was ice cream time! Guests chose a cup or cone, vanilla and/or chocolate ice cream, and a variety of toppings (nuts, sprinkles, blueberries, strawberries, syrups, and cherries)

 Adelyn gave James a sweet hug after singing "Happy Birthday"

James chilling and eating his first cone

 This part of our deck is shaded. Each child got a couple turns at trying to break the ice cream pinata. 

 Y'all, it would NOT break! My friend has a son in high school and he couldn't even break it! I finally untaped the top and just dumped the candy out. 

This was a fun, simple party that James loved! Happy birthday, buddy! We can't imagine life without you and are so glad we got to celebrate your new year!

My parents took the kids to SC with them so Seth and I have had 3 glorious, kid-free days. It's been an awesome stay-cation! I have had a couple great workouts (finally got to return to my personal trainer and got in a 3.5 mile run), got some errands ran, and got some things cleaned out at home. Additionally, Seth surprised me with a massage at Spa Sydell and we had 2 date nights! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the rascals. 

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