Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I have an awesome set of friends from college and we're still the best of friends. We have gone on several SFGGs (super fabulous girls get aways- haha!). We aim to make them kid-free but that can get kind of tricky! Melissa, who lives in PA, was vacationing with her family at Reynolds Plantation (Lake Oconee) last week. Since we were within driving distance of each other met for the day. 
Since Randy and I were driving from Cumming, we carpooled together- it's MUCH more fun together. 

We got there just before lunch and spent the bulk of the day at the pool. This pool ROCKED! 

There was a splash pad 

 And a water slide that the kids loved going down! That's Amy and CeCe

Adelyn loves to play Little Mama to Zachry

 Gavin napped poolside

 Melissa sliding down with Cate

Dave sliding with baby Zachry

After a spending the bulk of the day at the pool (in which no kid but Gavin napped), Dave picked up pizza and we chowed down. Dave was the ultimate husband and tried his hardest to keep all 9 kids downstairs so us mamas could eat together upstairs. That didn't last too long, but it was super sweet of him to attempt it. 

College of Charleston girls: Randy, Melissa, Amy, and myself. Laura is represented on the iPad because she couldn't make it. We sure did miss her though! And why am I a foot taller than everyone?

And here we are with the kids (age range 5 months to 5 years old)

I LOVE getting together with my girls! Hopefully next time it will be for a longer duration and sans kiddos!

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