Sunday, June 29, 2014

Visit home

My parents took the kids home with them to SC after James's party. Seth had a race in NY that we weren't attending, so I took the opportunity for trip home on Wednesday. 

Mac and Bentley are never on leashes because we have a fenced in yard. This is not the case at my parents' house. The kids absolutely loved walking them around the neighborhood. I think they'd walk several miles as long as they have a leash in hand!

My parents yard is very shaded. Frogs  hop around everywhere! Adelyn enjoyed catching them! I'm so glad she's not ALL girly-girl!

We spent Thursday at the YMCA pool. Adelyn's new thing is seeing if we match. Our bathing suits kinda did!

James finally discovered that last 30 minutes we were there that he did indeed like the little kid slide! It takes him forever to warm up to some things! 

On Friday, my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her little boy came over for lunch. Harris and Adelyn searched for frogs and put them in a container their entire stay! Adorable

We got home Saturday afternoon and had an impromptu dinner date with my friends whose husbands were also out of town. That certainly made the evening pass in a fun way!

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