Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kansas Speedway

Seth had a race last weekend in Kansas City, KS. 
We stayed at a Marriott. The kids woke up early so we headed downstairs in pjs. Lo and behold, there was a STARBUCKS in the lobby. And each table had its own tv. I'm surprised I came back home. 
There is a Great Wolf Lodge across from the race track! We spent Friday and Saturday morning there with the Pombo boys. James was NOT feeling the water park. This is really the only time he got in the water and enjoyed it. At swim lessons 2 weeks ago, he was jumping off the diving board and begging to swim more. Here, he really only enjoyed the hot tub. Anyway, the other 3 kids had a ball! Eli and Adelyn loved the water slides!
Adelyn is leaping to the next log. We went to Whitewater Water Park in Atlanta a couple weekends ago, and she and Eli were too little to do the one similar. They were glad that they could master this one. 

The race wasn't until Saturday at 6:30 pm. These two are ready to cheer for Daddy!

Group shot at the Fan Walk

I am glad that Seth can still toss this 5 year old up in the air

I ended up staying at the rig with the kids because the only spot to watch from was super loud. Brenda bought Adelyn an Elsa MagiClip doll and James got some tiny Planes and Cars figurines. They seriously played with these for 2 1/2 hours. 

James was hilarious at the track! It was waaaaay after their bedtimes and they were wired. He was picking up a wrench and trying to fix things. 

Seth finished 9th! He went from 24th to 5th and on the last lap his engine blew, knocking him back a few spots. It could've been way worse!

Always a great time at the track!

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